Selling Your Condo

The condo market in the Greater Toronto Area is one of the most desirable markets in the world and Toronto has, for the past several years, generally been a market defined by a high degree of liquidity. People who want to sell their condo in Toronto are, typically, able to do so in a relatively short amount of time. That being said, condos, even identical condos in the same building, on the same floor, can end up selling faster and for better value based on the way the condo is listed, presented and marketed. We at Condo Finder know what it takes to get our clients the best value possible. Below are some of the primary ways we ensure our clients get every last cent of value out of their condo.


There is a reason high quality stagers are constantly in demand: home staging is effective. Properly staging your condo before it hits the market is a prerequisite for a successful sale. Prospective buyers want to look at your condo and see potential, which means having the right layout, the right furniture and ensuring that the place looks inviting, tasteful and open to a range of design and decorating possibilities. Often times people make the mistake of keeping their condo too personalized during the listing process. Listing with Condo Finder will ensure that your condo is appropriately staged before anyone sees it, allowing you to put your best foot forward from the start, maximizing your chances of a fast sale at or above market value. A successfully staged condo will:

  • Be thematically consistent but not dull
  • Make sure all personal items (pictures, artwork, and anything else indicative of personal taste) are out of sight
  • Have taken care of all cosmetic features (cleaning services)
  • Incorporate current design and interior decorating trends
  • Allow our professional photographers to take stunning photographs with which to market and sell your condo


Once your home has been staged and listed, the next step is to allow prospective buyers a chance to see what it looks like in person. We take care of the entire open house process from start to finish and, enticing potential buyers with professional-quality photos of your strategically staged home, will make sure people have controlled, supervised and intimate access to your condo. Our agents will be expertly versed in the details of your condo and will walk prospective buyers through the important selling points of the unit itself, the building and the area.

At Condo Finder, many of our agents are condo owners themselves, and will treat your listing as if it were their own. We provide our clients with professional, prompt and attentive customer service, second-to-none market, staging and open house knowledge, and a level of dedication hard to find anywhere else in the industry. Maximizing value for our clients is what we love to do and we will work tirelessly to ensure your condo provides the highest rate of return possible, regardless of market conditions. Contact Condo Finder today and let us help you maximize your return on investment.


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